Justice Scores for Wishes

Justice Scores for Wishes is organized by volunteers in the Nova Scotia Sheriffs and Corrections departments. Now in its sixth year, the Justice Scores for Wishes Live Auction at Old Port Pub and Charity Hockey Game at the Dartmouth Sportsplex on April 8, 2017. A number of other events will take place leading up to the game (See right). All proceeds will be put towards granting a wish for another deserving child.

Meet last year's child, Xavier, a boy who has a huge loving heart that is half the size of most. Like many five year old boys Xavier is full of energy and seeks adventure at any given opportunity. His engaging personality and infectious smile is what steals the hearts of all who meet him.

Although he gets a kick out of teasing his siblings the greatest gift is his love and affection for family. An average day for Xavier would be cuddling his dog Ceaser, playing his favourite sports or admiring the fun adventures of Mickey Mouse!

Xavier was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. A condition where the left side of the heart is critically underdeveloped which in return requires the right side to work double-time, distributing blood to all areas of the body. Having undergone three open heart surgeries before the age of 3, he has spent lots of time in the hospital. Xavier was one of the first children in Atlantic Canada to go home with a special drainage tube for his heart.

One of the greatest challenges is his condition prevents him from staying involved in many physical activities which could result in another trip to the hospital. It doesn’t however limit this spirited little boy from experiencing life to the fullest with his rough and tough attitude.